Patched Sur 1.1.0

macOS Big Sur auf älteren Macs Installieren

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Patched Sur

ist ein sehr einfach zu bedienendes, in Deutsch, Patch-Programm! Dieser Patcher macht es möglich macOS Big Sur, auf nicht unterstützten Macs zu betreiben. Unterstützt werden Macs und MacBooks ab dem Jahr 2012/2013.

Unterstützte Macs

  • Version 1.1.0

    All Changes

    • New WiFi Patch! Native-Plus is now the new default WiFi patch, the same one from Mini Monterey.
    • Possible fix for the big patch kexts error (1x127)
    • There was many dead links in the patcher that should have been fixed in v1.0.1, but they're fixed now.
    • Added a fix to the terrible downloading screen when making an installer. (It actually looks like it's doing something now)
    • You can no longer use the beta track, not enough people use it for me to justify keeping it (I haven't seen any recently), you can still download the beta installers on your own and tell Patched Sur to use those if you want.
    • Non-metal Macs can no longer go past the verify stage (instead of just a warning, it just stops them there), not like they were ever supported anyway.
    • Russian support was removed.

    How to switch to the new WiFi patch

    • Make sure you've made a new installer usb, you'll get errors if you neither the usb nor the pre-downloaded patches (obtained whenever you update or make a usb) isn't using the latest version.
    • If you update to 11.6.5, the new patch will be used by default.
    1. Open Patched Sur and go to the Patch Kexts section.
    2. Click Advanced Patches and enter your password.
    3. Change the mode from Patch Kexts to Unpatch Kexts
    4. Press Start Unpatch Kexts and let it go.
    5. Once it's done, go back to the Advanced Patches screen.
    6. Make sure that WiFi is set to Native-Plus and Boot Plist patching is enabled.
    7. Click Start Patch Kexts, reboot, hopefully profit!
  • Version 1.0.0 (115)