Lilu Kext 1.6.0

Ohne diesen Kext, lassen sich AppleALC, ab Version 1.1.0, oder Shiki, ab Version 2.0.0, nicht mehr aus der EFI heraus laden.

  1. Lilu v1.1.7

Lilu v1.1.7

  • Merged advanced disassembly API (thx Pb and others)
  • Added HDE disassembler for quick instruction decoding (by Vyacheslav Patkov)
  • Updated capstone to 3.0.5 rc3
  • Fixed load API lock type preventing dynamic memory allocation (thx Pb)
  • Added setInterrupts API
  • Added an option to define custom plugin entry points
  • Added const reference evector API
  • Added FAT_CIGAM Mach-O support
  • Added WIOKit::getComputerInfo API and improved some other WIOKit APIs
  • Added support of storing larger than pointer types in evector
  • Added -lilubetaall boot argument to skip version checking for all plugins

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